Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello you!

Hello World, (yes, I am conscious that at this point in time, "world" is just me!) and welcome to my first blog post. 

Right now, I have "Thinkertoys", one of my favorite books on creative-thinking techniques open on my desk. As I read, I imagine author Michael Michalko sitting across me sipping on a cup of green tea and saying, "Your business attitude determines your potential for innovation, creativity, even genius, and success in your field. There are two basic attitudes, which I call the "kitten" and the "monkey", because of how each animal deals with stress and change"

"If a small kitten is confused or in danger, it will do nothing but mew until its mother comes and carries it to safety. By contrast, a baby monkey will run to its mother and jump safely on her back at the first sign of trouble. The baby monkey then rides to safety, hanging on for itself. Thinkertoys is designed for the "monkeys", who are willing to work on themselves, work to develop their business creativity, and work on coming up with innovative ideas"

This blog is an ode to the "monkey" in me! It's a space for me to learn, think, experiment, share and grow. Also, because I'm a passionate visual thinker, this blog is a space for me to push my boundaries and experiment with new visual techniques to make learning more sticky. So here's to my sandbox - and if you're interested, this is my little desk from which I'll be playing!

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