About Me

Nitya Wakhlu is the founder and creative head at Drawbridge Innovations, LLC. Nitya is passionate about:
Learning Design and Facilitation: 
Nitya specializes in using visual thinking and experiential learning to design and facilitate whole-brained learning experiences that spark creativity and change. She loves working with groups on assignments that involve creating powerful visions for the future and creative idea generation.

Graphic Recording:
Nitya is best known for her work as a graphic recorder. She has worked with corporate, government and non-profit groups across North America, Africa, India and Europe. As a graphic recorder, Nitya brings a ninja-like listening ability to the table. She distills what she hears and creates a large-scale mural of key insights and emerging conversation patterns. She does this using images, words, connectors and colorful cartoons. This live visual capture prevents precious insight from being lost, stimulates higher levels of group creativity and helps the group truly “see the big picture”.

Nitya is an ardent admirer of every dog she meets. (Her admiration inspired her to draw this cartoon!)

Connect with Nitya at:
Email: Nitya@drawingbridges.com
Website: www.nityawakhlu.com
Twitter: @NityaWakhlu